What our Clients Say

This practice takes the most comprehensive health check question list to a new height.
Iridoligy and pulses check also. Health supplements and numerous other facets to your health and well being are professionally used help to solve old health issues and prevent new.
- Cheryl O'Connor
I experienced 18 months of severe abdominal pain and had to give up employment. I visited various natural therapists (homoeopaths, acupuncturists, nutritionists, dieticians, Chinese herbalists) with nil or only short-term relief. As a final and last ditch attempt to improve my health I sought help from Dr Charnley with Laser Therapy. Mr Charnley diagnosed and treated me for the effects of long-term undiagnosed Coeliac Disease, fatigue, historical emotional trauma, inflammation and Candida, as well as providing dietary advice.
The result has been remarkable and I am feeling well enough to seek employment again. Only five treatments have turned my life around: my pain is negligible, my energy is way up and I am once again feeling positive about my future.
It is clear that Dr Charnley is not only a gifted healer, but possesses the rare skill to accurately diagnose. I would strongly recommend that if you have given up seeking help from other doctors/natural therapists, that you make a visit to Dr Charnley's clinic. The rows of certificates on his office wall showing decades of learning across many fields of natural medicine have come together with laser therapy to create a powerful ability to heal - and I am immensely grateful.
- Cheryl van Zwijndregt
Dr Charnley has been the only person I have gone to who has relieved my pain every time. He knows just how to adjust my spine to relieve chronic pain that I have had for years.
He knows about 20 different ways to treat you, and will treat you individually according to what is wrong with you. He looks at the entire body, and then makes an accurate diagnosis.
If you have been suffering a long-term health problem, he is the man to see.
- Connie Johnson
Colin is a Holistic Healer With a Lifetime of Knowledge and Skills in the Art of Healing. Highly Recommended.
- Dana Harris
Hi Colin, I was feeling very ordinary yesterday morning with the cold I had scored from Victoria. After my visit to you yesterday my health improved a lot in the afternoon. Last night when I went out dancing I couldn't believe how good I felt compared to the day before. Last night was also the first time - maybe in years - that I didn't get dizzy while spinning on the dance floor! It was wonderful!!! So I am thinking that I may of been suffering vertigo for quite sometime and something you did yesterday in the acupunture relieved the vertigo and the dizzyness. THANK YOU!!!! Cheers
- Deb Johnston
While on holiday in Cairns this week I had a number of treatments with Dr Colin Charnley's laser machine. My chronic lower back and liver problems showed immediate improvement. What I found highly useful was Dr Charnley's wide range of training across many health disciplines. The service is something I would recommend and I will use again.
- Dr Peter Morgan, Dip Arts; Ph D